Saturday, 26 December 2009

Handsome Harry

Handsome, happy, Harry the hunchback hermit,
hospitalized, having a huge harvest of
harmful humiliating hurtful
Haemorrhoids, however his hereditary
hazardous haemophilia, has hampered
his hermetically-sealed hypersensitive
hindquarters, from halting his healing
by haemorrhaging heavily.
The hallmark hitherto of a history
of harmful high hypertension.
“ Hardly hilarious” hinted Harry
howling horrendously, hiding his
head herpes and hives honourably,
having hitherto hastened to
have hours of hopeless but
harmless homeopathy.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Dainty Dianna

Dainty Dianna did dirty dancing
in a diaphanous dress deliberately disgracing
David by disrobing during dinner despite
deprecating depravity and deploring
demonstrations denoting a depraved
delinquent demeanour and disavow
distasteful discourse to distress
and disparage degenerative and
disfiguring deformities a deplorable
disheartening and discouraging
development, designed to
deny dignity and dexterity
and deter dissimilar discourtesy
or denigration to demoralize
and degrade by debilitation


An attempt at an assimilatory, arbitary assonance to anticipate
an appropriate ameliorative action and articulate an affable
agreement albeit antagonisticly arrived at in arduous
accordance with altercations after all apparent assiduous
antipathy is accurately assumed to annul apprehensive
atonement in accordance and agreement to articulate
and assimilate all accepted assignments to associated
alliterations although actually ascertaining always
to allow appropriate action to avoid argumentation
and accommodate aggrieved advocates of applicable
animosity alternating appreciably against all
assumptions appertaining to accromony.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Nature's Lullaby

As I gaze out through my window at summer’s bright blue chalky sky,
I hear and see the sights and sounds that bring tear drops to my eye..
at trees whose leaves hang like mermaid’s tresses, from their slender bending stems,
pendulous and glistening in the bright sunlight, are mother nature’s little gems.

Dancing and undulating in response to every little summer breeze that blows
like a sight that stirs a mothers heart, at first glimpse, of baby’s tiny toes.
The joyous sound of singing birds showing they are so happy to be alive
And the sound of the busy humming bees flying out from a nearby hive

So purposeful is nature in her wisdom in a myriad of ways
her infinite balance and variety earns many a poet’s praise
nothing ever remains constant all just comes and goes
all part of nature’s master plan as any wise man knows

Natures Songs

Nature’s sweet sounds are but music to my ears,
the dawn chorus of birds that allays all my fears.
Every morning at dawn as they twitter and sing,
their own sweet, untaught melody’s familiar ring

The continuous song of a skylark on high,
as she gradually descends from out of the sky.
Alighting some way from her nest she relies,
on protecting her eggs from a predator’s eyes.

A sand martin’s song no matter what time of day,
can be heard as they fashion their nests out of clay.
The precarious nature as it grows from the start,
is decidedly akin to an architects art.

A blackbird sings fleetingly across the well cut lawn,
seeking unsuspecting worms to feed their newly born.
Hoping instinctively to minimise their arduous toil,
trying however vainly to find some fresh dug soil.

On the roof two late start, starlings due to bad weather,
flitting to and fro with twigs, moss, straws and feather.
In the hope of raising some of their young alive,
before the marauding magpie predators arrive.

The blue tits and sparrows singing away with glee
have occupied the tall, blooming, mock orange tree
Having a feast from off the prolific huge white flowers
must be quite tasty then they’ve been singing there for hours


Red Ruby

The bosses dubbed her “Red Ruby”
to divide her from her mates.
When she led the fight against wage cuts,
outside the factory gates.

They offered her promotion,
to get her off their backs.
She resisted the temptation,
to be one of their paid hacks.

She said I support the workers,
whether by hand or brain.
You called me Red Ruby,
then that shall be my name.

Despite your Boss press distortions,
they’ll back me to the hilt.
They know where their interests lie,
on whose side rests the guilt.

We want no Nuclear Weapons,
to wipe out the human race.
We need more Schools and Hospitals,
it’s a national disgrace.

Borrowing from P.F.I loan sharks,
at inflated interest rates.
To build unwanted “Academies,”
that everybody hates.

Paid for by our great grandchildren,
in tax for many years to come.
We need some REAL democracy,
that’s where Red Ruby’s coming from.

The Pearly Gate

How will you rate at the pearly gate
at the end of your past life review
will you try to deny you always passed by
when help was needed from you
Did you get a note from the quack
for those pains in your back

just to get a week off work
when you know full well
the doctor can’t tell
that you’re lying, you jerk
Did you try to be pretend
to be somebody’s friend

then let them down in the end
how you tried to deride
somebody who tried
to please you by helping you out
turned them down flat
at the drop of a hat
put all their intentions in doubt

On that day even worse
when you found some ones purse
hiding it quickly from sight
you didn’t even care
that it wasn’t fair
to put someone in, such a plight