Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Ghost

Three men sat around
In a house they found
Hoping to play host
To the local ghost
Each bet a sum
If the ghost did come
That each must remain
In the haunted domain

Around two as they feared
an apparition appeared
and frightened them out of their wits
“ talk about Marley “
said one called Charley
as he tried hard to cope with the shits
while one called Lance
had to take off his pants
and put them to soak in the sink
they all declared they hadn’t been scared
one said it’s not fear gave us diarrhoea
it must be a virus I think

but the ghost did’nt care
as he sniffed at the air
and decided he’d better depart
not to be outdone
he lifted his bum
and let out a spirited fart
it gave out a pong
cause he’d saved it so long
the vintage was never in doubt
you’d never think
there could be such a stink
nor an odour
so devilishly strong
Lance decided to cheat
As he tried to compete
By dropping some stink bombs around
But the ghost in despair
Disappeared in thin air
And that makes my story complete.

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