Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Puppy Dog Tales

I’m a little pup
It can’t be right
That every little thing I see
I have to bite
Books in the bookcase
Carpets on the stairs
I even have a go at
The legs of the chairs
When anybody calls me
I run away and hide
And when they want me indoors
I just end up outside
I like to chase cats
But when I catch them up
I don’t know what to do
Cause I’m just a little pup
Sometimes I have an accident
I know I’ve had a few
When I miss the paper
When doing my wee or poo
I don’t do it on purpose
And I know it makes you mad
Sometimes I hit the target
One out of three’s not bad
When you take me to the park
I do my best to find
All the muddy puddles
The rain has left behind
And when you’ve used the towel
To wipe me nice and dry
I sit back in the puddle
And wonder why you cry
I like to pick up screws and nails
And just won’t spit them out
When all else fails
I know the vets are open
Late at night
So if you decide to buy a pup
This much I know is true
We pups put up with a lot from the likes of folks like you

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