Monday, 23 July 2007


The concept of posthumous pardon is hard to comprehend
You cannot reinstate a life once you’ve brought it to an end
There must be lots of innocents locked away in jail
Who’s attempt to prove their innocence is simply bound to fail
The case of cot death murder charges certainly comes to mind
With a so called “expert” witness of the egocentric kind
Now justice needs ten jurors to that I can relate
But it only needs one “expert” to seal a person’s fate
With circumstantial evidence the “expert”just held sway
He used the law of averages to get them locked away
When seated in the jury room to make the vital choice
You usually find that bigots have the loudest voice
There’s always one who wont have none who’s favourite word is no
Then there’s one whose aim is to catch a train
Whose certain of guilt from the start if justice was done it was luck that had won all done with the goodness of heart
Now the police are almost human though sometimes it is hard to tell
If you’ve got a black beard and a duffle coat you’d better run like hell
Promotion always wins the day when justice is at stake
When evidence gets in the way justice is hard to take

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