Monday, 23 July 2007

near death expierence

A patient who while on the brink of death did lie
While doctors to resuscitate her did try
But strange as it may seem she knew it was no dream
Looking down from on high as she rose swiftly by
At her body below on the bed
As she shot through the roof
She realized the truth and was firmly convinced she was dead
But to her surprise she continued to rise
And through a dark tunnel she sped
To her utmost delight saw a brilliant light
And met many she knew were long dead
But she was to learn time had come to return
Back to her hospital bed
She said nice to be back next day to the quack
Who was quite moved that her condition improved
She said I could see at a glance that you’d come from a dance
When you tried to resuss me that day
Those shiny black shoes not the type you would choose
To wear in the theatre each day
He said you are right but I don’tknow quite
How you’d see when your out like a light
The doc was amazed and thoroughly dazed
Scratched his head and staggered away
It was only by chance that he went to that dance
That he has no fear of death to this day.

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