Tuesday, 31 July 2007

origin of man

The origin of man still remains in doubt
Yet scientists hope one day the truth will out
The search has gone on throughout
The whole of history
But despite their frantic efforts
Still remains a mystery
The truth of Darwin’s theory will swim or sink
On proving the existence of the missing link
After many false dawns as in the past
Every new “discovery” contradicts the last
Their latest new conjecture
(they trot them out with ease)
that our ancesters learned to walk upright
through living in the trees
tantamount to saying(they must think we’re all dim)
staying all your life on land’s the best way to learn to swim
but talking about water our scientific pals
told us that the planet mars was covered in canals
it took them over twenty years to admit that they were wrong
their faith in “scientific”facts must be awfully strong
Isaac newton’s theories failed the test of time
Look out mr.Darwin I think you’re next in line.


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