Sunday, 29 July 2007


The moon is in full view tonight
The clouds have dispersed
And the heavens are bright
A host of sparkling worlds
In the milky way
And a miriad of stars
Many “light years”away
Whilst the rest of us lie
Asleep in our beds
The scientists ponder
And scratch their heads
Replacing “the truths”of yesteryear
With more wonderful theories
Which will in turn disappear
Finding new names for
What they hope exists
Adding each one
To their speculative lists
Each new fossil for what it’s worth
Adding more years to the age of the earth
Drilling the earth for miles underground
For some invisible force that
May never be found
While millions are spent
On this pointless task
Would it be too much to ask
That the thousands that starve
And die from aids and h.i.v
Do not depend solely on charity.

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