Monday, 23 July 2007


When nature tires of dark long winter nights
And starts to sample long awaited spring delights
When dawn arrives and eyes begin to focus
On sparkling dew through which peeps out the crocus
The snowdrop not to be outdone
Comes through the soil to peep out at the morning sun
The tuneful blackbird twitters as it flutters o’er the ground
Hoping that the rain has left some worms lying around
The dawn chorus of sparrows twittering from the privet hedge
The cooing of the pidgeons perched up high upon a ledge
And starlings flitting to and fro with twigs moss straws and feather
Building nests with instinctive skill regardless of the weather
The yellow coltsfoot flowers with serrated stems upon
The flowers come before the leaves nature’s phenominon
And when we tread a woodland path a sight we see anew
Between the trees and in the grass those gorgeous bells of blue

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