Monday, 23 July 2007

the visitors

I’m a tiny mouse who lives in your house
But please don’t resent that I pay you no rent
My needs are so small just a hole in your wall
Just a few scraps of food to feed my brood
With that we are quite content
We don’t like your pussy she’s a bit of a hussy
Who hounds us from pillar to post
We’d like you to know
That we think she should go
To that we could all drink a toast
We could make amends
By inviting our friends
To a nosh up we all could take part
We could tell you the night
And send an invite
Just prop open your fridge for a start
Me and my brood have no wish to intrude
We like to fit in and comply
I’d just like to mention
We have no intention
Of deserting your home bye and bye

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