Friday, 3 August 2007

food facts

Cookery can be an art form in its self
Not the opening of a tin from the pantry shelf
Housewives these days with time saving ease
Can bypass the cookery on the way to the deep freeze
Pick a frozen meal as easy as can be
Put it in the oven and watch cookery on T.V.
But to strike a serious note and try not to be mean
Just to say that every nation has its own cusine
As for healthy food Japan has got the answer
Through eating lots of soya foods
They rarely get breast cancer
The eskimos up north exist only on raw fish
Plus lots of raw whale blubber
For every single dish
Though they consume a lot of fat
They rarely get obese
And heart attacks and strokes are rare
And other problems cease
Primitive folks eat simple foods
Lead healthy lives until
The civilized junk food eaters
Appear over the hill chop down all the forests
Destroy their habitat and bring some lovely modern food
All full of salt and fat.

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