Thursday, 2 August 2007


Freedom’s a word that is banded about
By glib politicians who fill us with doubt
Is it freedom from want
Or freedom from fear
What freedom they mean
Is never quite clear
Is it freedom of speech
They might have meant
Unless of course
Its within a mile of parliament
Was it the kind of freedom
They brought to Iraq
Where thousands were slaughtered
In the shock awe attack
Or was it the freedom
For politicians to ignore
The millions who protested
Against the Iraq war
What kind of freedom
Would they like to explain
When they supplied poison gas to saddam hussain
Who gassed thousands of Iranians
All in freedom’s good name
Then there’s the hundreds
All tortured at guantanamo bay
Who were taught about freedom the american way
And the abbu graib torture was merely routine
Like charging two low rank scapegoats
Who were there at the scene
Its o.k.todrop uranium bombs
At no personal risk
But if you blow yourself up then you’re a terrorist
Or is it thefreedom to lie
Like our own mr. Blair
Who produced w.m.d.s out of thin air
Or was it thefreedom to kill
The young man from Brazil
Whose only crime was to live in tulse hill.

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