Wednesday, 8 August 2007


I just havn’t the time you can hear them say
Yet there’s twenty four hours in every day
Though aren’t we all a slave to time
Yet there’s no charge of murder
For just killing time
But to go from the ridiculous
To the sublime
Time waits for no one
Ive’ heard it said
Even if youv/e got a crown on youur head
Punctuality’s a virtue
There’s no time for delay
But if you arrive early you just get in the way
You’ve just arrived in the nick of time
But if time’s in the nick
Then what was his crime
Now you can mark time
And spend it as well
But in which shop can you spend it
And what do they sell
I see you’ve arrived and not before time
Time must have been early
Through no fault of mine
I had a drink after time in the pub
Cause time had gone earlier
As I knew he would
How time flies I’d like to know
He must have a licence it just goes to show
Time goes by though you would’nt know
He goes imperceptably so slow.

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