Thursday, 25 October 2007

Galactic naivety

There must be billions of “worlds”in outer space
For scientists to ponder without losing face
Their self set limitation “the speed of light”
Prevents them from believing in
When even Jimmy Carter saw a U.F.O.
Who will they believe, they just don’t want to know
After donkeys years of radio telescopes that cost the earth
They,ve come to the conclusion that for what it’s worth
The extra-terrestrials use light beams and lasers to communicate
(Silent films maybe? or sign language at any rate)
I wonder what their tunes sound like as played on a laser
It must be like having a shave with tweezers instead of a razor
Enough of this chiding lets return to the stars
Where the”scientists”are still searching for those canals up on mars
And the indetectable “matter" which permeates outer space
Supposedly to stop galactic collisions taking place
And as these wise men only believe what they perceive
They must think the rest of us are really quite naive

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