Friday, 12 October 2007

inexplicable brevity

The infinitisimal enlargment of diminutivity through the contemplative
Impetuosity of external intransigence governing the eulogy appertaining
To the inexplicit and definitive digressions of dilatory and nepotistical
Secularity,fraut with the inexplicularity of extentuating and contradictory
Affirmations of an efficacious and emulatory propensity also the
Exhortatory designation of spontaneous duplicity being of the preceptability,
Of imminent verbosity I hope this simplistic and brief extraneous
Example of clarificatory expostulation and self explanatory and diatribic rhetoric
Standardised for the semi-literate promulgatorial invertabrate George.w.bush

(known to his friends as the scumbag)

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