Friday, 30 November 2007

Wild Life

How can starlings make such lovely patterns up on high
Those ever changing movements as they weave across the sky
Although they move from side to side
And swoop and glide and dive, even in the fiercest wind
They just never collide.

Who navigates for flocks of geese
Who head for warmer climes
Who keeps them flying up aloft
They must get tired at times
To travel over a thousand miles
Must take all their heart and soul
They must flap their wings
A billion times before they reach their goal.

What inspires the salmon to make their trips upstream
Against all of the adversities its strange in the extreme
Is the urge to face such hardships programmed in their d.n.a.
A biological compass meant to guide them on their way

Why is it that lemmings seem exempt from nature’s law
They’ve no survival instinct nought on which to draw
They make a beeline for the cliff and commit mass suicide
There seems no rhyme or reason all logic seems defied

How do dolphins communicate with each other ‘neath the sea
And understand the signs from humans and show such empathy
Their clever use of echoed sound that helps them hunt their prey
And perform some really clever tricks with humans on the way.

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