Thursday, 21 February 2008

Anna's birthday

Anna was proud of her mum and dad
She loved and respected them too
When both decided to tell her
When her 18th birthday was due
That she was their child by adoption
They had had her right from the start
They thought they had morally no option
Though it may break young Anna’s heart
Though they broke it to Anna quite gently
They realised the worse of their fears
When the moment they made the announcement
Anna just burst into tears
She broke into uncontrollable sobbing
There were no consolations to find
To the conflict and utter confusions
Of the thoughts that ran through Anna’s mind
Times heals all wounds say the wise men
Though Anna found it hard to believe
though her “parents”hadn't found it hard to deceive
Thye feeling of utter rejection
Whenever she thought of her birth
How could her mother just give her away
Did she think that’s all she was worth
Then she thought were there any striblings
A sister or brother perhaps ?
Likewise together discarded
What else had been kept under under wraps ?
She badgered her loving “parents”
To disclose where she had been born
And spent hours searching through dusty records
Till she felt so tired and quite worn
She found out that her mother was only 15
At the time that Anna was born
She located her mother who lived in a flat
Knocked on the door and found
She treated her like a ghost from the past
And just didn’t want her around
On the way back to her parents
She thanked her lucky stars that she got such
Kind and considerate parents
To love and be loved by so much.

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