Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Paradise Earth

A man sat down one summers day
Head in hands,thoughts far away
I’m on this planet but why am I here
A place so violent and riddled with fear
Followed on cameras where ever I go
Rivers so polluted they can hardly flow
Afraid to go out at night alone
Always someone who’d mug me
For my mobile phone
Can’t let your child out of your sight to play
You read about the paedophiles
And drug pushers every day
Ladies can’t go to parties
As much as they liked then they have to
Cover up their drinks in case they get spiked
Now the latest stunt costing billions
Is an economic disgrace
To put millions of innocent people
On a D.N.A data base
This really is the last straw
To seal our freedom’s fate
Just one step to many
On the raad to a big brother state..

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