Sunday, 24 February 2008


The encroaching hand of progress
Runs amok across this land
Aided and abetted by unquenchable demand
Where nature’s flowers once grew
Now only concrete grows
With all the hawthorne bushes gone
Who’l feed the hungry crows
The rancid smell of exhaust fumes
Poisons mother nature’s air
More children having asthma attacks
And no one seems to care
Their lairs now under concrete
The foxes roam the streets of town
The balance of nature shattered
Chemicals and pesticides abound
The tinned food full of E-numbers
Causing alergies galore
Dyes and so called flavours
Who knows whats in store
Low sugar means that
Aspartame of which no useful purpose serves
Is added to your food and is toxic to the nerves
Now if the contents of this poem
Have got you all of a quiver
If you find you want to end it all
Don’t jump into a polluted river.

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