Friday, 29 February 2008

The Racist

He’d always been a racist
“send em’ back home was his cry
they’re all from an inferior race
they’re just not like you or I
he was very fond of rock climbing
and off every weekend he’d go
never put off by the weather
even in blizzards or snow
one day his luck just ran out
he fell fifty feet onto ice
he was warned not to climb that day
but he just ignored their advice
a helicopter found him
though the hospital beds were all full
they rushed him right into the theatre
to mend his fractured skull
it was a delicate operation
touch and go from the start
to mend the brain damage
that was the difficult part
he was taken straight from the theatre
into intensive care
whilst his wife with a tearstained face
sat sobbing in the hospital chair
when at last he was concious
he made a request to his wife
he said I want to see the surgeon
to thank him for saving my life
the surgeon came as requested
and pulled the screen right back
then he saw to his consternation
that the brilliant surgeon was BLACK

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