Thursday, 13 March 2008

Peter's Girl

Peter loved writing poetry
Even when he was at schooll
He wrote about everthing under the sun
And won first prize as a rule
And peter despite all his prowess
Had little pride and a quite low esteem
He was a very quiet boy
And sometimes quite shy he would seem
All the children made fun of him
He was always an object of mirth
Then one side of his face was marked blood red
And had been so from the day of his birth
The girls used to shun him turned him down
When he asked them to dance
Then as far as a teenage peter was concerned
There wasn’t much hope of romance
Then as peter got into the lift
Where he lived one day
When fate took a hand in his life
As it does in its inevitable way
There in the lift stood a beautiful girl
With blue eyes and shoulder length hair
Peter stammered his way though “hello nice day
And”have you been to the fair”
When suddenly the lift decided to stop
With a jolt and flung them both together
As he helped her to her feet
“Said by the way my name’s Pete”
then she smiled and said” my name is Heather”
he awaited the look of distaste to appear
as they suddenly came face to face
but Heather just smiled that beautiful smile
whilst Peter tied her shoelace
then Petwr noticed her hesitant walk
as they left the lift behind
but decided that to mention the fact
would only be unkind
then suddenly like a bolt from the blue
the thought flashed through his mind
he looked into Heather’s blue eyes
“his” beautiful girl was blind
they arranged to meet the following day
and found to his delight
she shared his love of poetry
despite her unfortunate plight
from then on in they’d go out each day
walking hand in hand
and oft’ stayed much longer than
originaly planned
she fell in love with his kindly voice
he banished all her fears
by whispering his poems of love
into her spellbound ears
weeks went by then one day
Heather broke the news
With a letter from the hospital
With an offer she couldn’t refuse
That filled her with delight
The surgeon thought with a new technique
They might restore her sight
Operation day came round quite soon
And Peter went along
Happy for heather’s sake
But apprehensive all along
At the sight of his scarlet face
Would her love be quite as strong
Or would her love evaporate
And would she just move along
The operation was quite succesful
And the day came to take the band off
Peter felt quite dejected
And gave a nervous cough
The sister removed all the bandage
And Heather peered out in the room
Saw Peter in a corner and said
“come here Peter my darling
you look just like I imagined you would
we can fallin love all over again
just come here and give me a hug

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