Friday, 18 July 2008

Jehovah's Nightmare

This little soul’s impatient” said the midwife at dean’s birth,
when he arrived at seven months upon this planet earth.
Despite his small beginnings, (he only weighed four pounds),
He soon began to gain some weight and made some joyous sounds.
Time elapsed he started school a small but normal child,
he often got bullied ,then he was so meek and mild. .

Time went by then one autumn day dean came home from school..
Though normally energetic and quite healthy as a rule.
He looked so pale and felt so weak his parents were alarmed.
They asked him what he’d had to eat to see how he’d been harmed..
They took him to a doctor,who listened to his chest
then sent him to the hospital for a routine blood test.

The test proved to be positive and Dean was found a bed,
he needed to have blood transfused so the consultant said.
.but Paul his dad looked across at June and said, “no way will I agree
we’re both Jehovah’s Witnesses it’s against our faith you see.
The doctor shugged his shoulders and said in his reply,
“by refusing Dean this blood you’ll be sentencing him to die.

June just couldn’t sleep that night ,turned it over in her mind,
A more difficult dilemma would be very hard to find..
Poor Dean lay there in limbo, growing weaker by the day,
the doctor had done all he could but his life just ebbed away
On Sunday as they made their way coming back from prayer
they passed some graves of infants a sight so hard to bear

and then June just burst into tears “how can God deny him blood
I’m going to sign that paper and I think YOU certainly should”
They went on to the hospital up to the ward to sign
June was first to write her name down on the dotted line
A meaning look at Paul who followed suite amidst some hearty cheers,
The nurses all just jumped for joy at the end of all their fears

Dean fully recovered, and thankfully doesn’t know
How his young life, hung by a thread, really touch and go
To most: dogma guided principles are a dangerous foe
A bit of nature’s common sense is all you need to know

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