Friday, 18 July 2008


The time has come, to war we must
And as you know our cause is just
As religion shows the lord is my guide
As always God is on our side
You just can’t trust those foreign powers
They could be ready to attack in 48 hours
We must show no weakness we must be strong
The Intelligence Dossiers can’t be wrong
With Shock and Awe we’re going to attack
Yes we’re going to liberate Iraq
Iraqis will welcome our liberation
They’l cease to be a captive nation
We’re going to set them free
By exporting our brand of democracy

By now we all know this is Crap
We’ve fallen into the propaganda trap-
The Truth is the first casualty in any war
You cannot liberate a People using Shock and Awe
With illegal uranium and cluster bombs
Wiping out a nation’s sons
The “liberaters”were met with roadside bombs
Rocket propelled grenades and sub-machine guns
And as for having a government of their own
The “government’s”still hiding in Bagdad’s green zone
In the good old U.S.A the ballot is free and fair
The trouble is the candidate must at least be a billionaire

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