Monday, 13 October 2008


The wherewithall on this earth was there for you and me,
not to be bought and sold or kept as a luxury
Money was to exchange goods not bought and sold as a commodity,
the private control of producing wealth is a contradictary oddity.

Crisises only occur when workers who produce,
can’t buy back the goods with a wage that’s so reduced.
The goods then just accumilate and workers are locked out,
the employer then just bides his time until the goods run out.

The buzz word’s competition along with that versatile word free,
the winners swallow up the losers to produce “free” monopoly.
The monopoly capital is exported, to take over sources of wealth,
in the world far and wide and they retain it all by stealth.

If local politicians in their wisdom decide to nationalise,
they try to change the government using subterfuge and lies.
That’s why Hugo Chavez has become the villain of the piece,
the C.I.A in trying to oust him caused a popular vote increase.

All over South America the peasants say with passion,
now that Chavez has arrived imperialism’s out of fashion..

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