Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Wonders of Science

Sometimes whilst in a pensive mood or happy frame of mind
I gaze up to the heavens leaving earth’s mundane life behind
enjoying a welcome respite from the persistant autumn rain
and taking in, the rain washed multicoloured leaves again

clouds formed like sun kissed, feather down, grace the fathomless blue sky
and singing birds mass noisily in trees,as migration time draws nigh
and as I sit wondering, whilst pondering, this scintillating verse
I wonder if there’s life akin to mine in this boundless universe

Our scientists have got bogged down in the “speed of light” syndrome
distance measured other than in light years they speedily disown
they cannot believe that there exist planets far in advance of us
and ridiculing flying saucers must give them quite a buzz

Their theories mean that E.T.s who start en route to planet earth
from their distant planet travelling at speed for all they’re worth
could never reach our planet not even to the halfway stage
the simple reason given that they’d all die, of old age

Now scientific theories are all so wonderful and fine
are discounted and updated through the portals of time
when new ideas surface they condemn them to a man
they never thought that E.T’s could have a 300 year life span

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