Monday, 27 April 2009

Starvation Crunch

Faces gaunt and hollow cheeked, stomachs bloated and distended,
and ribs standing out in bold relief a sight no god intended..
That helpless look in their dull eyes brought lumps to the throats of many,
their bony limbs devoid of flesh, then of food there wasn’t any.

So when you sit down to a meal, give more than just a thought,
for the plight of the starving orphans global politics has wrought.
“Worthy” nations stand and wait, while luckless thousands meet their fate.
won’t trouble themselves to help by entering the land of a “sovereign state”

But if one day oil was discovered neath this barren burning sand,
the self righteous force of shock and awe would descend upon this land
Bringing along their oil rigs, planes, and graveyard democracy too
Mcdonalds ,Wallmark, and the remainder of the capitalist crew

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