Monday, 27 April 2009

The Waterfall

As I walked along the river bank I soon became aware,
of a persistent thunderous roaring that rent the peaceful air.
Natures fateful warning of the brink of no return,
to ignore it at our peril is something all must learn.

The gushing plunging torrent at gravity’s say so,
cascading to impact on the well worn rocks below.
Foaming undulating after a precipitous descent,
this now raging torrent is on its way hell bent.

The resultant mist and vapour rising from beneath,
brought negative Ions an asthmatics breathing treat.
The precipitated droplets sparkling in the sun,
creating natures rainbow a sight for anyone.

Round the rocks and boulders letting nothing bar its path,
undaunted in its purpose strengthened by its wrath..
On to the briny ocean to disgorge and hence replete,
with gravitational persistence its cycle to complete.

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