Friday, 8 May 2009

Sad Little Girl

A sad little girl lay sobbing in bed,
her lovely blue eyes, tear stained and red.
Just been told daddy won’t ever be back,
a fatal casualty from the war in Iraq.

She was much too young to understand,
why he became a victim, in this unfortunate land
He joined the army when no work could be had,
a last resort that made him quite sad.

A sensitive man ,he was taught how to kill,
in the tasks he performed, soon had his fill.
Armed to the teeth ,a pack on his back,
after cursory training, was sent to IRAQ.

The sheer devastation, took him by surprise,
shock and awe “liberation” he was soon to despise.
As a fair minded man he tried to contrast,
his quiet home town, with this holocaust.

Through the bomb cratered towns they went every night
much cooler than when in the hot sun in daylight.
The “liberated” Iraqis just didn’t see it that way
and waited in ambush, whether night or by day.

But inevitably as night follows day.
a roadside bomb blew up on the way.
A daily occurrence for the unfortunate few
taking the lives of all of the crew.

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