Thursday, 2 July 2009

Early Spring

From every twig of tree or bush , tiny buds come peeping out,
the shoots of snowdrops start to show, even though Jack Frost’s about.
We know full well, that Winter season kills, off most germs and yet,
.we leave short days ,long winter nights ,without nostalgia or regret.

And now that old man Winter has had his long last bitter fling,
the king is dead, long live the king give a welcome to the spring.
Spring is mother natures promised time, for life to start anew,
when countrysides blossom into life and thriving wildlife too

The sparrows in the hedgerows singing their very best,
.each sorting out a partner, who’ll help to build their nest.
Coltsfoot flowers blossom they come before the leaves,
one of natures sweet variations, any thing to please.

Nettles sting bare arms or legs, don’t know why they should,
but if they’re boiled in water they’re excellent for the blood.
Burdock seeds stick to the wool of any sheep that pass,
they then succumb to gravity and fall off in the grass.

This is natures clever way of rebirth in the spring,
each plant has it’s special way to re create its own offspring.
Dandylion seeds blow in the wind, are planted by the rain,
Darwin said “It all happened by accident” Oh!no not that again..

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