Thursday, 2 July 2009

The entrepreneur

Some folks are described as clever while some are called merely astute
some are said to be intelligent which is hard to confirm or refute
Many are seen as knowledgeable, but only in their own field
some blessed with common sense ,but bad memory often concealed

Some are hailed as brilliant, because they passed all their exams at school
but have problems with a hammer or a chisel or any kind of tool
Like the man who applied for a job, delivering the morning mail
because he couldn’t write or read his name so his application failed

So he hired himself a barrow, to start selling vegetables and fruit
and discovered he was so successful , employed his best friend to boot
He was doing so well he opened a shop, then another and more
he diversified and expanded then bought a departmental store

Many years along the line he ended up as a millionaire
and became such a celebrity he was interviewed on air
The presenter said is it true, the rumour you can’t read or write
that’s true enough said the ex barrow boy that’s absolutely right.

The presenter said well it’s amazing and it all just goes to show
I wonder where you’d have been today if you had learned to write long ago
said the “Barrow boy” I know where I would have been if you really want to know
I would have been delivering, letters and parcels, at the British G.P.O.

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