Thursday, 20 August 2009

That Illusive Truth

Truth can tell a lie merely by it’s convenient omission,
is a half truth, but half a lie or a falsehood by definition
A biased “truth” is a distortion, a hybrid lie by implication
truth from whatever source is open to misinterpretation.

Emotive words, can turn heroes, into villains in the news,
can change a given story by whatever words they chose.
Truth can be so illusive and quite impossible to define,
due to preconception and what’s convenient at the time.

Words can be poor reflections of external reality
a child is taught conception by what they hear and see.
Words can change their meanings completely over time,
thus translators confuse ancient word usage to define.

Reality is in a state of virtual change by many new inventions
duplicating the meaning of present words stifles comprehension
Eternal truths can not exist while the world’s in a constant flux
objective truths are the only way explain the universe as such


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