Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Make Believe Land

Deep inside the magic forest, ever so grand,
lies a quaint little place, called Make Believe Land
Where happiness blooms neath’ a candy floss sky,
where everyone smiles cause’ there’s no reason to cry.

Tinsel bud gilded blossoms brighten the trees,
not a sound can be heard but the song of the bees.
Goldilock’s three bears live just down the lane,
Snow white’s seven dwarfs chop wood once again.

Humpty Dumpty sits firmly on the wall and then,
the King’s men succeeded he’s back once again.
The goblins, and pixies and fairies in June,
All join in the fun by the light of the moon.

Dancing and singing by the whole night through,
sipping their wine made of midsummer dew.
all these joys could be yours it’s ever so grand,
I’ll send you an invite to Make Believe Land

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