Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Animal Rights

I’m an ordinary rat
Who lives underground
I live off all the human’s scaps
You leave lying around
I’m not a pretty sight
I think you’l all agree
But if I grew some feathers
And lived up in a tree
You’d buy me lots of monkey nuts
And feed me lots of seeds
You’d build us all a little house
Attend to all our needs
We’re just the scurge of human kind
Of that there is no doubt
We’re just viewed as vermin
Something to be wiped out
You fill our holes with poison
And death comes slow but sure
Its something we’ve come to expect
Something to endure
Now our tame brothers in the labs
Get food shelter and more
Do not become the cause of hate
Get sympathy galore
While people outside demonstrate
And do each other harm they burn each others property the cause of much alarm
Now people are such funny folks
I think you’d all agree
What do they think would happen
If they set our brothers free
They’d join us in the burrow
Having warfarin for tea
Now all these conscientious folk
Have our welfare at heart
If they want to solve the problem
Dare I mention for a start
They give themselves as guinipigs
And doctors would rejoice
There’d be no need to demonstrate
They then would have a choice
Help rid mankind of diseases
Now the rats are free
Or perhaps they’d like to join them
Having warfarin for tea .

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