Wednesday, 13 June 2007


There was a prime minister named Blair
At spouting he had quite a flair
His weapons of mass destruction
Caused quite a ruction
Especially since there was none there

Dossiers sexted up and faked
The bottom of the barrel was raked
Blair lied through his teeth
Though he knew underneath
It was on Tory backing he staked

He backed Bush s war on Iraq
Though he knew it was wrong to attack
There were millions incenced
Who came out against
And put mister Blair on the rack

And the principled mr.Blair
Who laid his soul so bare ”
His heart full of love he worked hand in glove with Bush what a wonderfull pair
Now the Iraqis of today
Are all terrorists Bush and Blair say
There don’t understand
We’ve liberated their land
Though we’ve slaughtered
A few on the way

Though we’ve freed them all from Saddam
Blair and Bush just don’t give a damn
They’ve both stayed loyal
To Iraqi oil
And saved it for uncle Sam

By listening to a clown like Campbell
Blair took one heck of a gamble
They hounded Dave Kelly
Every night on the telly
Till they found him stone dead in a bramble

Brow beaten by labours committee
They said he was like Walter Mitty
So he took his own life
When Blair twisted the knife
And gave him not one ounce of pity

Round about three months it took
For Hutton to get Blair off the hook
He was whitewashed you see
And the B.B.C got passed the buck

Over three years have gone by
Since Iraq was destroyed from the sky
Their obsolete tanks were no match for the yanks
Who just mowed them down from on high

Now Bush realizes his error
He’s created a real war of terror
He’s had to confess he’s in one hell of a mess
The poor unfortunate feller

Now torturing Iraqis is rife
To teach them the free way of life
Now let us guess
Yes they shut down the press
That started the Shiites in strife

Now if you get wed in Iraq
Your bound to come under attack
As the Yank general said
Even bad people wed
For this action we’ve got quite a knack

Now the London commuters have paid
For Bush and Blair’s “democratic crusade
So much blood has been spilt
On Blair and Bush lies the guilt
O what a disaster they’ve made

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