Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Just Words

Words are poor reflections of reality
Mother nature’s wonders are there for all to see
But how can words express
With a hope of much success
The setting of the sun
And the twittering of the birds

When dawn has just begun
The smell of new mown hay
On a sultry summers day
Swaying blossoms on the trees
in a gentle summer breeze
the first cry of a baby
at the moment of its birth
its tottering first steps
that cause us so much mirth
The feeling of a baby’s gentle kiss
Upon your cheek
The little words that tumble out
When first they start to speak
The sound a spoon makes
As it meets the first milk teeth
The cry a baby makes from teething pains
From which ther’es no relief
Yes words can’t even start
To convey what’s in your heart

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