Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Twa’s late august two thousand and five
For some it was great to be alive
Unless you had inadequate means
Have a black face and live in new Orleans
George w. Bush scored his biggest own goal
When Katrina took her deadly toll
George had’nt the time to pause
Whilst drumming up funds for the neo con cause
His cutting flood funds was a priceless error
To pay for his so called war on terror
For the national guard he just could’nt phone
Cause two thirds of them were hiding
In bagdad’s green zone
With thousands dead or dying
Without water and in pain
Bush looked down upon them
Five days later from his plane
And the master of rhetoric and phraseology
Mumbled one word that described him to a tee
Inadequate was all he could say
Though I doubt he could spell it anyway
Was he not the prince of shock and awe
Who killed thousands of children
In the Iraq ‘ war
Which was how they measured his success
Like killing of war reporters
He’d tried hard to suppress
We don’t do body counts
His general proudly said
When his cowboys bombed a wedding party
On the way to getting wed ordering mass murder
Is right down Bush’s street
But when it comes to saving lives
it just ain’t george’s meat
Taking lives is normal
For george bush and his crony
Who get their orders from the lord
Him and holy tony

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