Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Our Animal Friends

As a child wer’e taught to treat the animals as friends
Then we find to our dismay that the friendship all depends
On whether they are edible or past their sell by date
Or if they go with chips or mash on someone’s dinner plate
When they take us to the park to feed the ducks with bread
Not knowing that one day they’d die to feed us all instead
The farmers breed the turkeys just for killing
And make sure ther’e overweight by giving penicillin
And later after Christmas when your ill
You go to see the doctor for a pill
And though he’s able and quite willing
What does he prescribe but penicillin
And all the many germs within the blood
Start to multiply as they knew they could
Penicillin was a boon but now ther’e all immune
Now dawns the age of superbug
Iin nature all non humans who eat meat
Have shorter intestines for what they eat
But humans with their long digestive tract
Have longer for putrifaction to enact
And when blood vessels fur through animal fat
That’s when the free radicals attack
So if you want a long life span
Don’t put your fellow creatures in the pan

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