Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Our Evolutionary Friends

Hidden are the ocean depths where lies a myriad forms of life
As yet unknown to man
And in the dank rainforests where countless plants
The cures to every illness grow and have since time began
Which men of learning would have us believe
All happened just by chance
That convenient word “evolve” they use
To lead us a merry dance
Man was born with a sense of smell
And by “coincidence”
Many flowers in the dell
Have such fragrant scents
Which attract the bees with no mean feat
Creating the honey for man to eat
Every creature on this earth
Has blood sap or juices
And though they have legs,fins or wings
They all have their own uses
The downy seeds of dandylions
All float off in the air
Deposited by raindrops
Who water them with care
The seeded burrs of burdock
Adhere to lambs that pass
And then succumb to gravity
And root among the grass
Our evolutionary friends maintain
All life came from the sea
Now did the seeds all swim ashore
It all seems strange to me.

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