Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Tiny Little Children

Tiny little children with voices cute and unrestrained
Trying to piece together words their memories have retained
Unable to make choices that grown ups will demand
Not realizing their little minds can not yet understand
For them time means so little all happens here and now
They live within their playtime world where there’s no if or how
When given toys and presents they’re tought to say that’s mine
Then find it hard to share their toys somewhere along the line
Why they have to go to sleep they cannot comprehend
They often fight and struggle and resist right to the end
When they get a little older quite contrary they become
And often try to assert independence from their mum
They use mealtimes as weapons when in defiant mood
And refuse point blanc to even try to eat their food
Threats and confrontation are simply not the way
Treat them with indifference until hunger wins the day
Little children can be trying through can be lots of fun
They bring a lot of pleasure and joy to everyone

1 comment:

Joanne said...

Hi i love this poem. This happens everyday in our house

Keep up the good work

13 sylvan