Wednesday, 13 June 2007


T’was boxing day two thousand and four and holiday makers bathed upon the sunlit shore .Folks were there from many a nation
All come to enjoy a short vacation
Small children with buckets and spades in their hands
Parents lying stretched out on the sands
All come to escape the winters cold
Little realizing what was to enfold

When suddenly without any sign
Appeared on the distant skyline
A monstrous wave which in record time
Filled the sky and with a mighty roar
Deluged down upon the hapless shore
And with the weight of natures wrath
Destroyed everything within it’s path
And leaving scatted in it’s wake
The helpless victims that it chose to take
Then lifting with apparent ease
Heavy trucks on to the tops of trees
And in the turmoil cries of anguish
Sobs of grief
As lifeless bodies are discovered underneath

Rows of lifeless bodies
Lying in the scorching sun
Queues of hopeful hungry people
Waiting for the aid to come
Hundreds of little children
With disentry or worse
Through drinking dirty water
To satisfy their thirst

Helpless victims clinging to the trunks of trees to stay afloat
Some clinging desperately to a floating upturned boat
Some who were swept right out to sea never had returned
As were scores of fisherman
Whose boats were just upturned
Their bodies later washed ashore
Upon the sunlight sands
Just a few more victims at Sunami’s bloodstained hands

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