Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Eternity is hard to contemplate
As is our passage through the golden gate
And scientists with their logic will maintain
There’s just one life we can’t come back again
Scientists once said the earth was flat
Their theories have the nine lives of a cat
And anything they can not comprehend
Vehemently oppose right till the end
All new ideas will always meet
With opposition from the old elite

Though thousands have seen a U.F.O.
They shake their heads they just don’t want to know
While they scan the universe for life
Ignoring that our planet’s full of strife
Squandering thousands in this quest
Despite the starving millions and oppressed
Whilst thousands die of aids worldwide
It’s for the lack of drugs that they died

While the U.S.dumps subsidised crops
On the third world, their own produce rots
Whoever opposes the superpower’s might
By putting up a hopeless fight
And daring thereby to resist
Shall be called a terrorist
And wo betide a nation who
Wanted nuclear power too
Would certainly incur the wrath of
George w. bush the psychopath

Then when you join the “free world club”
You privatize and that’s the rub
Then the fireworks begin
And the multinationals move in
“freeworld” advocates fail to explain
whats in it for them what will they gain
it’s the story of freed lions and lambs
“freeworlders” are the predators
we suckers are the lambs

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