Monday, 13 August 2007

plain speaking

I was agreeably astonished to be able
To prepare myself for a premeditated surprise
Of my own choosing posthumously
With certain indefinable reservations
Of a preconceived nature
And as I was envious of my uncertainty
And the inevitability of dubiousness
In determining the past mistakes
Through future inaccuracies
And thus cause me the unavoidable
Fraught with the dangers of
Indecisive certainty
And the unbridled hesitancy
Of determination which voracity
Is inherent in symbolic cordiality
Determines implicitly the duality
Of separate but accurate co-operative
Isolation ventures which is tantamount
To the syncronicity of total cutting edge
Amplificity or to simplify
Pythagorus’s utterance on the steps
Of the Accropolis on octember 13th 200 A.D.
And I quote = “if you can’t breath then die”
The profundity of this analogy
Was lost due to the innocuous
Mistranslation from serbo-croat
Into the well known martian tongue

(extracted from plain speaking by Ivor cheek)

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