Thursday, 23 August 2007


The anachronisity determined by the dual role
Of various singularity expletives
Monolithicly expounded during which
Negative expedients feature in the
Superlative accrimony of positive thought
Bringing pressure to bear through the
Conduct and perpetuity of constants
Combining the arrogance and humility
Of self esteem in order to perpetuate
The simplicity of spiritual and indeterminate
Extravagance of ineptitude alongside a
Unilateral expediency throughout which
Ambiguity can be extrapolated into
The duplicity governing repetitive and
Contradictory assertions thereby
Contravening the exorbitant and
Unambiguous receptitude of people
Who like using big words to bamboozal
Us poor inarticulates not blessed by
Verbal diarrhoea

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