Monday, 6 August 2007

the mind of a child

If we could but see into the mind of a child
Where all her thoughts are filed
We’d get an insight into how things used to be
In our early childhood of which we’ve no memory
And maybe we’d learn to avoid
The obsessive works of siegmund freud
What is so surprising a man like freud elects
To take every childhood instinct and label it as sex
To psychoanalyse a person and freud said it was true
He who wants to psychoanalyse
Must first be analysed too
There’s one thing in this matter
That makes me quite annoyed
If freud was the first psychologist
Who psychoanolysed mr. freud?
When confronted by evidence
That the afterlife exists
The freudians use”evidence”
Borrowed from materialists

If all the thousands of psychics
Are charlotans and cranks
(and many intellectuals exist within their ranks)
if one psychic experience
is proven to be true
then all the freudian text books
will come under revue
in the uninhibited mind of an innocent child
lie the answers we adults have left far behind.

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