Monday, 8 October 2007


He is known to the world as Fidel
He was known to Batista as well
An american stooge who sought refuge
Scuttled off when his bent regime fell
Despite forty years of U.S. blockade
Our Fidel in power has stayed
The C.I.A’s numerous tries
To bring about Fidels demise
O’ what a cock up they made
The bay of pigs so apt a name
Where batista’s thugs
Were sent back wence they came
The lowest kind of humanity’s dregs
Cut and ran with their tails’ tween their legs
And put their yanky sponsers to shame

In the “land of the free” U.S.A.
Scores of folks die every day
For want of some medical care
Yes there’s freedom to die anywhere
But in the socialist land of Fidel
The difference is clear as a bell
Free education and health
Fair distribution of wealth
And no stock exchange needed as well.

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