Monday, 14 January 2008

dream holiday

The seat belts are on and the jets start to scream
It’s just the start of your holiday dream
All sucking boiled sweets for our ears when we climb
Hoping we’ll all have a wonderful time
The pilot informs us what height we’ve attained
Which gives us solace if some doubt had remained
Then after a while we thought we’d chill
And sought to peep oer the window sill
At the heavens above the bluest of blue
And lying below quite a different view
Of billowing clouds of candy floss foam
Tinted by the sun’s warm caress
Like drifts of snow on mountain tops
A sight that can’t fail to impress
Long white ribben trails criss crossing the sky
That aircraft leave in their wake as they fly
Below lie the fields of ripening maize
Awaiting the sun’s hidden bountiful rays
A patchwork of fields that divide up the land
Not quite the way that nature had planned
An occasional glimpse of meandering streams
Seeking the longest way round so it seems
Then fields full of cows squatting in their domain
What they do it is said when expecting the rain
Arterial roads that resemble huge snakes
And road island roundabouts like birthday cakes
After passing huge orchards it soon became clear
That the holiday airport was looming quite near
And both tired and happy and ready for fun
Our lovely dream holiday had already begun

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