Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Garden love

I feel near to my creator in my garden full of flowers
I feel so contented that I could spend all my waking hours
The flowers are like my children who I nurture and help to grow
It gives me great enjoyment with every seed I sow
I talk kindly to my flowers I believe it makes them thrive
Then like every living creature feel it’s good to be alive
I like to watch the daffodils dancing in the breeze
Providing us with honey collected by the bees
As I’m hoeing in the ground who should come around a-bobbin
Hopping round in search of worms “our own “little red robin
Each plant has it’s own appetite there’s rarely two the same
They thrive on different kinds of soil in which they must remain
Some like it dry some wet some hot to which attention must be paid
Then if you get conditions wrong it’s growth could be delayed
And when the winter comes around I’ve made the right decision
I’l still watch the flowers thrive and grow but on my television.

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