Monday, 21 January 2008

If I were god

If I were god the earth I would creat
Would be of peace and love and free from hate
The brotherhood of man I would insist
Would occupy first place upon my list

If I were god no-one would need to pray
On earth there,d be no danger night or day
There’d be no hurricanes,but summer breezes
No thunder lightning or diseases

If I were god no bombs would mankind need
There’d be no social system based on greed
No need for war,no need for devastation
No foreign rule,no economic exploitation

If I were god there’d be no death or sorrow
No worry what would happen on the ‘morrow
All births at their conception I’d control
No need for death to take it’s deadly toll

If I were god there’d be no need to slay
No species fear of being stalked as prey
Life could then subsist on vegetation
There’d be no need for wildlife preservation

IF I were god t’would be no mothers fate
A mongol child or spastic to await
Pregnancy would be of short duration
A painless and enjoyable occasion.

For those who think my views are A trifle odd
Don’t worry! I may never espire to be your god

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