Sunday, 27 January 2008

My daughter Jill

When little Jill was two or more
She came in from the garden
Through the kitchen door
She had played with a toy
A Horse and Cart of wood
Filling it up with soil and mud
She came in for her dinner
As fast as she was able
And sat herself down at the
Dining room table
Then fishing in the pocket
Of her little pinafore
She slowly opened up her palm
(she had “ something nice”in store)
the something nice turned out to be
a wriggling worm comeplete with clod of earth
which mother then looked down upon
screamed for all that she was worth
and littleJill now “full of tears”
hastened to defend the wriggling squirming little worm
she said “he is my friend
mum then took the initiative
and sought to solve the issue
by picking up “the little friend”
in a piece of paper tissue
“where are you taking him”
little Jill said with alarm
taking him to the garden
to be back with his mam
but little Jill was unconvinced
bucked up,then said with glee
“I’m going to find my friend again
and bring him home to tea

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