Friday, 8 February 2008

Blue Eyes

He was Quite a daring boy climbing up trees and walls
And seemed to be quite lucky despite his numerous falls
Then one fateful day he slipped whilst climbing up a tree
Lay there quite unconscious no movement one could see
They took him off to hospital and three long weeks he lay
Out in a deep coma seemed in a bad way
His mother waited by his side one august day he woke
And t’was his long spell of silence that he finally broke
He held his hands before his face and screamed out loud in fright
For he had regained his consciousness but also lost his sight
Years went by in darkness then one he day fell in love
With a girl with a charming manner and he thanked the lord above
She was a very pretty girl with lovely eyes of blue
He fell in love with her lovely voice for the rest he never knew
Then Mr. fate just took a hand he fell,injured his head
They took him into hospital his wife there by his bed
He stirred regaining consciousness and as loving people do
She leaned forward to give a kiss as he was coming to
He gasped with his eyes wide open and said “what lovely eyes they’re blue
Am I not a lucky man to have a lovely girl like you.

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