Thursday, 14 February 2008

The u.f.o.

Along an almost endless road at dusk
Drove a couple homeward bound
They’d been to visit some old friends
Like most people they had found
It’s always harder to say good bye
And easier to say hello
Which meant that now they were quite late
Not a time for going slow
Barney with his foot well down
Hummed a tune on the radio
Whilst Betty looking at her watch
Said it’s twelve o’clock you know
Then all at once a brilliant light
Flashed right across the sky
Betty said what the hell is that”
She thought her end was nigh
Barney said “O’ jesus christ
That was mighty low”
“I’ve never seen anything like that before
Is it friend or foe”
“Friend or foe nothing” said Betty
as she watched it spin and glow
“I don’t know what you’d call it
it’s a goddam U.F.O.
anxiously they watched it hover
above them in the sky
barney said “it’s so damm hot
much hotter and we’l fry”
and as they watched the road ahead
they found to their dismay
the U.F.O had landed
as their engine died away
Barney set off running
Towards the U. F.O.
And Betty screamed at Barney
“Barney please don’t go”
the next thing they remembered
it was almost half past one
they were absolutly baffled
where the hour had gone
how they resumed their journey
they both seemed much in doubt
what happened in that missing hour
they may never find that out.

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